Tutorials and workshops at HRI 2009

July 17, 2008 – 2:52 am

We would like to invite you to organize a workshop or tutorial at HRI’2009. Tutorials and workshops will be held on March 10, one day before the main technical sessions. Participants in tutorials and workshops are required to register for the main conference as well. Submission instructions for organizers follow below. The proposals submitted will be subjected to a review process.


We invite experts in different areas to propose half-day or full-day tutorials relevant to the themes of HRI’2009. Example of topics are state of the art overviews of particular HRI areas or design/research methods. Interdisciplinary and user-centered approaches are particularly welcome. Please submit the following information (up to 2 pages) to the tutorial/workshop chair, Kerstin Severinson Eklundh (email: kse@csc.kth.se) no later than September 15, 2008:

• Title of tutorial
• Tutorial speaker(s), including short CV’s
• Motivation or background
• Target audience or prerequisites
• Overview of tutorial including topics covered
• Links and references relevant to the tutorial

If the tutorial is accepted, the submitted material will be used for advertising it as part of HRI’2009.


Workshops are an opportunity for participants to meet other members of the HRI community, to discuss problems and to present their ideas around a common topic. The workshops can be half-day or full-day, and could cover any topic relevant to HRI research, development or education. Interdisciplinary and user-centered approaches are particularly welcome. The format of the workshop may vary depending on the topic and audience. The responsibilities of workshop organizers include: (1) setting up a website for the workshop that will be linked to the HRI’2009 website; (2) organizing a high-quality peer review process of workshop contributions as well as decision of acceptance/rejection, and (3) (when applicable) putting together proceedings of the workshop consisting of accepted papers and/or materials.

Please send your workshop proposal in the following form to Kerstin Severinson Eklundh (kse@csc.kth.se) no later than September 15, 2008:

• Title of workshop
• Organizer(s), including contact information and short CV’s
• Abstract of about 250 words with suggested length and format of the workshop
• Prerequisites for participation
• Required format of workshop contributions
• Plan for documentation of the workshop
• List of potential attendees

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